We are a small home based kennel located in Northern PA. The love of the American Pit Bull Terrier is something that
can not be replaced. We believe that everyone of our Pit Bull / Bullies is a member of our family and they are treated
like a member of the family. We started out with American Pit Bull Terriers but we are focused mainly on our American
Bullies and are looking forward to making our
footprint in the Bully world. Our program has a specific purpose and direction and we are very picky on the blood
and the dogs we use in our breedings and are just as picky about the homes/kennels that our American Bully
puppies go to. Thank you for viewing the site and feel free
to call us at any time if you have any questions, comments or just want to talk about dogs.  

Our mission is to produce the "total package" American Bully with heavy bones, thick bodies, large chiseled
blocky heads, deep muscled chests, a wide spread, strong rear and confirmation. We hope to create a true
combination of extreme and correct Bullies all in one package. Our bloodlines are GOTTYLINE, RAZORS EDGE,
DAXLINE, KINGPINLINE and  MIKELAND'S. The majority of our current dogs are out crossed and we will continue to
out cross with the majority of our breedings in the future.  Our bullies and
pups are registered either with the UKC and/or ABKC.
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The establishment of today's American Bully and the breed's early fundamental development began in the late 1980's
via the efforts ofseveral dedicated breeders and their vision and goals of creating the ultimate family companion.
The American Bully breed evolved only through careful and selective breeding of various bull breeds in a program
designed to place an emphasis on maintaining a loyal, devoted and steadfast temperament, while enhancing desired
physical characteristics.
As a breed, the American Bully is celebrated for its exceptional loyalty and devotion to its family members.  The ideal
temperament of an American Bully is very stable, dedicated, confident and is that of an exceptional family
companion.  The ideal American Bully thrives on pleasing its owners, is highly intelligent, very trainable and capable
of performing many tasks and posses diverse abilities. The modern American Bully can be seen today excelling in
many areas in society.
Physically, the perfect American Bully is athletic, yet powerfully built.
The American Bully has a solid, well defined muscular frame that gives the impression of massive strength as well as
athletic ability.
Males are characteristically stockier and heavier boned than females and their lifespan is between 10 and 14 years.